Chateaux and carpool

Just your run of the mill castle on the way to school. Chateau de Chantilly.

I guess that I haven't mentioned what I am doing in France. I'm working as an au pair for a very wonderful family, but that's probably the last time I'll mention it. This is France! Who wants to hear about how many times I've watched  Frozen or "La Reine de Neiges" as they say here. I will also say that I am only brave enough to practice my french with the 2 year old, and even she seems confused.  The children here are the most chic children in the world, it's like a Givenchy toddler campaign. Not a screen printed tee in sight. 

The women come in two shapes; impossibly thin or cartoonishly large and round, both confident and chic. I've made a sketch to prove my point. 

I'm used to people commenting on my exceedingly messy hair. " Have you ever met a brush" sort of thing. No, I have not and neither has any woman here. My bedhead is the only thing helping to disguise me, and then I open my mouth. GASP INVADER!  Zoot.

Below is one day's ration of baguettes...maybe a day and a half. 

Tara Cunningham