Notre Dame, no Hunchback in sight. Feeling attacked by the French language, I went to register for some tutoring.  I was asked what level I thought I was, and in a moment of complete self truth, I said beginner. Then I was asked if I wanted to take a placement test just in case. Being less honest, I thought I might be a high beginner level. I know tons of french words.   So I took the placement test.  I answered maybe 2 out of 50 questions. "Tu aime le chocolat? Oui, J'aime le chocolat! " Quel dommage. I actually wrote an apology on the test before handing it in. " I'm sorry!" frowny face. I asked the lady to throw it in the trash immediately. She looked at it and then quickly put it under a stack of papers.  After that exciting exchange, I wandered around and saw Notre Dame, bought some books at Shakespeare & Co where people were speaking some STRANGE language that sounded familiar, oh yes , English. I tried to make friends with the cashier,  I feel like that happens to her a lot. She gave me a look that was part sympathetic and part scared. I heard people talking about Holiday parties and dinners and for the first time , I missed home, or rather the people who are my home.  

I then took myself to a belated birthday dinner ,drank 4 glasses of wine, forgot all my french and spoke loudly in english to the waiters. No one seemed impressed. 


Here's a selfie of me, in a hood, on a train. I'm sorry if you don't like selfies, trains, hoods or me. I'm too afraid someone will steal my phone if I asked them to take a picture of me, I'm also too afraid to ask someone to take a picture of me. 

Tara Cunningham