Souvenirs Avec Ma Mere


Hola. Anyone still there? I'd like to say that I've been so busy since returning to the US that I haven't had the time for this now neglected blog, but the truth is I've had nothing but time. So, it's laziness or maybe I've just been enjoying human contact too much to lock myself away and write. Either way, I have a couple more farewell Paris posts in me so here we go!

After packing up my little Parisian room, I bid farewell to my French family, which proved to be more heartbreaking than I had anticipated. It dawned on me that these 3 little french girls, who had such an impact on my life, would likely not remember me. Not through any fault of their own but I don't remember anyone from when I was 2 years old. So they will forget about their fille au pair "Tahrah", who was replaced by a new girl the following week.  Sad and true, but I won't forget them and maybe I'll even see them again one day. 

On to happier times... my mom, who I will call Lisa (because that's what she wants to be called in public places)  came to visit and to bring me home.  The happiness I felt upon seeing my mom for the first time in three months erased any sadness I felt about my imminent euro departure. We planned for a couple days in Paris followed by a visit to Barcelona then back to Paris for one final night. Lisa promised to brush up on her Spanish which she claimed was "pretty good" in the way that I said my French was "pretty good" before I set foot in France. 

I had set up an apartments in Paris and Barcelona, I was aware that our Paris apartment would be small and a 5th floor walk up. I thought it would be quaint and charming, it turned out to have 4 ft ceilings and a bathroom you had to be a contortionist to use. I had the bizarre misfortune of being let into TWO different apartments before finding the correct one, a testament to my french.  Lisa was not impressed. Still we had a great couple of nights in Paris, wandering around Montmartre and listening to Jazz, including one encounter with a French Jazz drummer who looked and acted exactly like BIll Murray. We also saw a Kiss Me Kate at Theatre du Chatelet. It was performed  in English (thankfully). It was the only time I felt smarter than the French. 

Barcelona was next and by some act of God we made our flight after I was detained for 20 minutes ( I tested positive for explosive residue twice). Lisa held up a plane for 20 minutes as only Lisa could do. We arrived in Barca and to our delight( and downfall) discovered that a bottle of Cava costs 8 euros pretty much everywhere. Unfortunately I was extremely ill  (no,I'm not exaggerating Lisa). But with an elixir of strange Spanish pills, cava, and my mother yelling "WE ARE IN BARCELONA" I was able to manage through. There was more jazz, watching the Superbowl in Spanish, and an incredible trip to Montserrat and a Cava vineyard. 

My final night in Paris was completed with a trip to the top of the Eiffel tower at night. It's cheesy and cliched but it was the most magical ending I could have asked for. With that I said my final au revoir and headed back to the good ole U S of A.  



Tara Cunningham