The Sweater Dilemma

I had elaborate, blog related, ideas to execute this weekend. I swear I did. Examples: "How to create the perfect cheeseboard" (that one is still in the works), or "The ultimate guide to Orlando" ,  but none of those things happened. All I have are these photos of me in a sweater, a very comfy sweater, but still. I also feel tempted to lie and say that I was brainstorming ideas for a novel in these photos, but in reality it's a grocery list. That is a real gin martini though, which is a delightful Sunday afternoon drink. 

I have been trying to branch out creatively on weekends. Last weekend, I brushed the dust off of my art supplies and did a little painting. I realize that there isn't much substance to this post, but it is still a post. So, in the spirit of keeping this thing alive... here's me in a sweater, with a strange dog (that I painted) in the background.  

I bet this post becomes more interesting with a couple of gin martini's.

Oh look, a recipe.

Tara Cunningham