I've never been good with resolutions and I'm not a fan of having a certain day to set them. In spite of that, it seems that I can't escape the self examination that occurs on New Years Day.

What's wrong with me? Where is my life going? Is everyone tired of me?

This is the sort of downward spiral I usually succumb to, but not this year. This year I have a, possibly misplaced, optimism. I feel sure of who I am, and I've discovered a new patience about my future. I'm not there, I probably won't be there by the end of 2017, but eventually, I will get there. Where is there? Who knows.

So although I don't have an actual resolution,  I did some reflecting and decided there are definitely some things I would like to do more and less of. 

Happy New Years tout le monde!

Tara Cunningham